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A million shades of “White” in interior design

choosing the right tone for your project

The range of white tones is incredibly varied. It’s important to be clear about the white you want to choose. In this video interview below, Maria José Tanzi from Tanzi Designs explains how to properly choose and integrate the color white interior design for your home or project.

There are a million shades of white – some that are warm and inviting while others feel cold. It seems like a simple choice, but the ‘right’ white can be a critical component of your palette to make or break the space.

Within all that variety of whites in interior design, you must choose the tonality according to the architecture and the space. Although there are whites that “go with everything”, choosing the wrong hue can completely ruin the space.

The idea of using varied tones of white is meant to set the right feel and lighting for the space, be it contemporary or classic architecture. The trend of varying whites and neutral colors seeks to create a comfort atmosphere while leaving enough space for a dash of color in other elements.

VIDEO: A million shades of white for interior design

If you’re interested in learning more about this topic or exploring ‘white’ options for your project in Costa Rica, contact Tanzi Designs.

Video excerpt: White Interior Design

There are a million kinds of white. You have to be very careful when you choose white because there’s not only one tone, it depends on the architecture of the house, the kind of decor you want to reach.

There are some whites that are more pinkish and there are some whites that are more yellow, so you have to pick the right type depending on the project you have.

When clients call me or a friend calls me and they want to choose a kind of white, I tell them that there’s one in SUR that’s called “nearly white”. It’s very versatile and just fits every room, so it’s a safe choice without seeing the specifics of a space.