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Garden Trends in Costa Rica with Tere Silva

Luxury home gardens are the protagonists of a quiet, modern, and holistic lifestyle. In Costa Rica’s capital city of San José where a relatively cool climate predominates throughout the year, this allows for creative indoor-outdoor experiences where many parts of the home flow to the outside or provide seamless spaces.

Luxury Specialist Tere Silva knows that factors such as climate, foliage, and individual taste influence the design of the ideal outdoor space, but careful planning can provide the perfect home and garden balance with flowing boundaries.

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The garden should be the perfect complement to the lifestyle of those who live in the house, providing a sense of well-being and belonging to each member.

Elements of a contemporary garden

Sustainability is a main factor that harmonizes the environment. Landscaping and topography provide the basis for building with dynamic design. Using the right materials can take advantage of natural elements without harming the ecosystem.

More than the layout, the important thing is to create an outdoor space with colors, sounds, textures and details that evoke a complete sensory experience.

The key is to design according to the personality of each owner. The local flora and fauna are an organic contribution to making a long-lasting garden. There’s an added value when choosing each element as a part of a whole. The terraces, patios, and gardens must be a projection of the future, combining luxury details with the benefits of spending time in nature.

The stimulation of the senses is essential. Neutral colors, fountains, fire-pits, and even live garden sculptures can be the perfect counterbalance complement for a social area.

Tere Silva, LX Agent & Luxury Specialist

The elements that add movement and height are the ones that help stimulate the senses. That’s why choosing the right materials, such as marble, fabrics, wood and even making use of technology, can elevate that experience.

In this interview, Tere shares her professional perspective on gardens, contemporary trends, and the elements that achieve a balance between luxury and comfort.