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INTERVIEW: Equine Passion & Real Estate with Juliane Maurach

Juliane Maurach strikes a balance between her passion for horses and luxury properties in Costa Rica. We interviewed the equine enthusiast at her home to explore the intersect of passion and work.

Horse riding has taught me to have an open mind and be patient, to listen and connect with others. I try to have my priorities clear, returning to myself to achieve balance.

Juliane Maurach, LX Agent & Luxury Specialist

Equine Passion & Life Prospects

The equestrian lifestyle is unlike any other way of living. According to Juliane, this has taught her the value of patience and calm. Horse riding is a hobby that has become a life passion and a teacher for other areas of life.

From a charming out-of-town getaway for a morning horseback ride to showing elegant properties in West San José. A normal day in the life of Julianne Maurach is the perfect combination of patience and discipline. Her equine passion has taught her the great value in creating trusting relationships and connections.

Luxury properties in the west of San José

For Juli, luxury cannot be defined. The key to being a specialist is to understand the uniqueness of each client to find the property that suits each taste.

The west of the Costa Rican capital city where Juliane lives is a diverse market that offers delightful residence features, integrated nature, a warm climate, and a peaceful and comfortable lifestyle. The distinctive home features range from minimalist concepts to create architectural designs that are visually striking and vibrant.

Although in Costa Rica luxury can be found throughout the entire territory, the heart of the city is always a must.

Just because you’re in the city doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy open air, grand spaces, and the comfort of riding and enjoying your horse passion at home. A great example from the LX team, Equine Sunset home minutes away from the city and the international airport, yet hidden in it’s own oasis.

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