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Vicki Klunk on being an LX Agent

Adding value in the back-and-forth

Vicki Klunk shares insights about her work at LX and her own life stories that intertwine with luxury living in Costa Rica.

We provide guidance throughout the process, but often the value is in the back and forth as we learn more about each client’s specific preferences and needs.

Vicki Klunk – Luxury Real Estate Specialist, Costa Rica

Expanding service for clients and real estate in Rohrmoser and La Sabana

Vicki shares her expertise in the active areas on the west side of Costa Rica’s capital city, San José. She explores the dynamics of the revitalized city centers in Rohrmoser and La Sabana where vertical projects, towers and penthouses are on the rise.

Full interview with Vicki Klunk

In the full interview, Vicki explains why family is the most important thing for her and her own perspective on what it takes to be a real estate agent in the Costa Rica luxury market.

The interview took place in Hacienda Espinal, a beautiful project in Alajuela, where Vicki represents homes and lots. Find all the luxury properties represented by Vicki Klunk by visiting her LX Portfolio.