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Provençal Style in Heredia

The evolution of elegant and simple 18th-century cottage villas

Each region and style offers unique architectural details, often transported into home design in other parts of the world. Provençal architecture is the evolution of the elegant yet simple cottage villas of the 18th century, a European style also available in unique homes in Costa Rica.

A Provençal house is a typical cottage in the south of France. Also called mas or bastida, this habitat takes different forms in order to blend in with its surroundings. These houses can verge on the palatial, with large, airy rooms, yet retain a rustic simplicity with native stone and terracotta tile, exposed brick, patinated wood floors and ceiling beams.

Elements of Provençal Architecture

External Features

Earth Colors and ‘natural’ facade

A Provençal-style villa is a residence that evokes the sun and recalls the vast expanses of lavender fields and olive trees. From yellow to orange-red and deep blues, these natural colors blend perfectly with the environment.

Wooden shutters

Essential assets of a traditional Provençal villa, the wooden shutters give a touch of authenticity. The windows meanwhile, are narrow on the other facades to protect the dwelling from heat and cold.


At the beginning the materials were used according to their function, for example, the stone walls were placed to give freshness to the interior, however now you can take advantage of other materials such as stucco and terracotta brick for a more elegant design.

Patios and Gardens

Whether it is a Mas du Lubéron (designed in the shape of an L) or a Mas de Camargue (designed in the shape of a U), a Provençal-inspired home is always endowed with very extensive green areas surrounding the property.

Internal Features

Interior design is very rustic and chic, the perfect combination of simple and tasteful. Provençal style evokes coziness and comfort with pastel shades, natural textures and patterns.

Wall surfaces and color

The color schemes used in this particular style is subtle, full of pale yellows, whites and creams, earthy greens, light blue and lavender. The wallpaper is a landmark, however some owners may decide to paint beige and use the integrated wood as the main feature.


Window decoration is an integral part of French style, therefore natural fabrics like linen and cotton are a good choice as long as they come in soft colors.


When building a French-inspired home, the chosen items must be a mix of functionality and taste. All of the furniture of a Provençal home is selected from natural wood without reaching the very modern.

Casa Provenzal in Heredia, Costa Rica

This soft and magical architectural style has spread throughout the world and Costa Rica is no exception. Casa Provenzal blends old-world European styling with modern comfort in the middle of this beautiful country. Each area of the home integrates natural elements with exposed ceiling beams, stone floors and hardwood flooring that radiates warmth and style. Over an acre of manicured gardens surround Casa Provenzal and extend through the property to a forested area with natural walking trails that reach a gentle creek. 

Submerged between the mountains of Heredia we can find this property that transports us to the south of France due to the warmth of its serene and calm Mediterranean design.

Vicki Klunk, LX Agent & Luxury Specialist

Located in San Isidro de Heredia, this property combines the best European Provençal Architecture with all the comforts of living in Costa Rica. 

LX Agent & Luxury Specialist Vicki Klunk represents this incredible property. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact her or the LX team.