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Roofed Terraces at Grand Hacienda Home in Monterán

An open concept integrates and transitions the home outside

Small details convert an outdoor space into a key feature for a luxury home.

Terraces are social spaces conceptualized for the outside of the home to take advantage of natural light and outdoor elements. Roofed terraces create warmth in the outdoor social area, without giving up many of the comforts of indoor spaces and, in many cases, continuing the home style transitioning from grand indoors to the great outdoors. Unlike a patio, a roofed terrace can become another room in the house. It integrates external elements taking advantage of color palettes, textures, and the flow from the outside.

The secret of a roofed terrace is the architectural design. By integrating large windows, arches, and materials such as wood or marble, you can maintain an outdoor feel with indoor comfort.

Tere Silva, LX Agent & Luxury Specialist